My love of fabrics and the magic of sewing started at a very early age. I remember playing with my grandma's button jar and hand sewing scrap fabrics together while my grandmother busily sewed for me and other family members clothing with her old pedle singer sewing machine and later with her Lady Kenmore. I loved all the fun fabrics and trims she used and to this day have fond memories of my favorite patterns. Looking back, I think it always made me happy to wear something she made because it was made with love. (To this day, I use a quilt she made me when I was 12, more than 35 years ago.)

I learned sewing on my own by watching and doing. Over the years I have made just about anything you can make out of fabric! I've been a costume designer for stage shows, a quilt maker, and a personal seamstress. My current obsession is in aprons, both vintage and modern styles.

Each garment I make is made with love. I choose designs and fabrics that speak to me. I hope you find something that speaks to you!

Venessa Sanchez

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